Asae Soya (c) Yasuyuki Kasagi.jpg

I create paintings and installations based on themes of light, color, and physical sensations. My paintings include series such as “Bathtub,” in which I painted a bathtub full of light as a setting to face my own five senses, and “The Light,” in which I depicted the way sunlight pouring through a window changes over time.

My installations include “Ringing,” in which I placed parts made with film and other materials around the space to express the scene of colors producing sound and spreading out like ripples that I personally feel when sensing color, and “Sora,” in which I expressed creative energy by projecting an original animation to create a forest of color. These pieces have the inseparable relationship between paintings that are snippets of everyday life, and installations that express what happens inside people when they experience everyday life.

I want to create pieces that use various methods of expression to explore human awareness and creative pursuits from multiple angles, and that awaken the rich sensual world innate to us as humans.

Asae Soya lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.


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